Jenifer Pool for Texas State Representative House District 138

Early Voting February 20 - March 2
Election March 6, 2018

Jenifer Is Good For Texas

Decades of Community Service

Jenifer is a native Texan & proud Houston resident. Her years of service to the community have impacted thousands of people in neighborhoods & important community organizations around Houston.


Working every day with the City, Houston residents and local organizations has helped Jenifer see and implement real-world solutions. 

Neighborhood Outreach

Communities across Houston know Jenifer from her tireless outreach. She is a regular donor and volunteer at many Senior centers and neighborhood organizations in Harris County.

Real-World Experience

Jenifer knows how to get things done. She has worked with government entities, corporations & large organizations for years. From this she has learned how to facilitate solutions & bring resources to the community.

Recognition as a Local Leader

Jenifer has received community awards and been on TV shows, radio shows and publications covering the many local solutions & opportunities she is part of. 

Good For Austin, Good for Houston

Austin decides a lot of important things in our lives. Jenifer will be a positive voice in Austin, there to represent our local interests.

Austin is Broken

Texas Down to 38th Nationally

We have fallen to 49th in Infrastructure and 41st in Education because of decisions by Austin

Forbes Ranks TX Quality of Life 32nd

Forbes says Texas has low regulations, low labor costs & lower quality of life than most states

Texas Property Forfeiture Grade: D

Every year Texas seizes millions of dollars worth of property from Texans with no criminal charges

Flooding Becoming More Intense

 "Forgoing the maintenance of foundational infrastructure creates an unsafe and irresponsible environment, which reflects poorly on the state and cities in Texas."

41st in Child Well-Being

 "The report considers numerous measures such as poverty rates, reading proficiency and teen birth rates."

We The People

Civic Engagement

Knowing how to find resources and solutions in the community. Participating with others to share information and make improvements.

Texas State Representatives

Elected to two-year terms. Make laws on taxes, infrastructure, education, healthcare, wages


Community Representation

School board meetings, local elections, and community associations are all ways we are represented in our neighborhoods. Participation grows communities.

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